(Resource) CoSchedule

February 3, 2016


Guest post by Yuli Scheidt

CoSchedule was something that came into my life when Janine and I were trying to figure out how to manage a blog with a rather large pool of writers. How would we make sure pitches turned into pieces and that photos were proofed and edited? At the end of the day when you’re working on a blog of that size, where the pool is 30 people deep, there’s still more work to be done even after the piece is published.

There’s the pretty time-sucking task of getting that content up on the places people like to personally see your fine, top shelf content. Could there really be a way to have all those things integrated? More importantly to us, was there a site or app that had a really, really great interface? It had to make sense. Keep it simple, stupid.

To start, we decided to go with using two sites to wrangle all those cats — I mean contributors. The one site we thought was going to keep all our ducklings lined up and on task ended up being murkier than a lot of corners on the internet pond. I’m not even going to name the site here because to this day the sound of it’s poorly chosen name (invest in naming services, people!) sends a shudder through my “bllllllah” reflex, and that’s usually followed by 15 seconds of constant eye rolling. We ditched it soon after in favour of a private FaceBook group.

But what got me through all that and through 3 years of running a semi popular and notable blog (breathes on nails and polishes them on shirt) was a pretty simple site called CoSchedule.

Here are the 3 simple reasons I love this service so much.


Set It & Forget It

Got a busy week? What happens if you leave the country suddenly, and you can’t bring your laptop? What if that laptop gets stolen? Scary stuff, but getting your client’s and your own business’ content online in a consistent manner is key. This is how to make it look like you know what you’re doing without having to do much. Take a chunk of time and schedule everything. Have content way in advance? Schedule it. See a hole in your content? Drag and drop it.


The Magic Word is Plugin

Chances are you have a blog or a website that’s powered by WordPress. (If you don’t, please get in touch.) CoSchedule has this great plugin that’s just as powerful as its site. Anything you can do there you can do with this plugin. It makes an editor’s job a breeze when it comes time to launch content.



So you have all this great content on your site and you just want to share it again and again. The CoSchedule WordPress plugin makes this so easy. There’s a share Old Content button that makes suggestions on what posts might do well with a little boost. Or you can pick your own ICYMI to share with a new, and wider audience.

Bonus: Pinterest! I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find out we could schedule content for Pinterest, and to specific boards. Sure, you can use something like TailWind or Buffer (freemium alert!), but being able to Pin via CoSchedule meant we were doing everything at the same time.

Still not convinced, or TL;DR? Here’s a handy video

(Studio) Lebel & Crowe

November 17, 2015


Oh boy, is this post ever overdue! Things have been crazy around here, folks, but mostly in the best possible way! There are some suuuper exciting things happening that I’m excited to share with you soon. For now though, I’m excited to share the new website I designed and built for Lebel & Crowe!

Lebel & Crowe is a local hair salon co-owned by four kick ass ladies, including one of my all-time favourite humans, Melody Bostelaar. Melody and I were chatting during a hair cut about the salon’s website needing an update and naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to help build them a new online home.

The girls wanted something minimal, easy to navigate, and that showed off their beautiful space (the lovely full-size photos on the homepage were taken by Melody’s husband, Ren). We went with a muted but varied colour palette and clean, simple type and I think the result reflects the salon’s chic but welcoming ambiance pretty well.

Go poke around the new(-ish) site and book an appointment with one of the girls! They’re all fantastic and you will leave feeling like a gazillion dollars, guaranteed.


Brand Crush – Legs for Days

September 28, 2015

Brand Crush - Legs for Days

Welcome to my newest series! I’m always crushing on design I see (and probably pin) and thought it’d be fun to share some here on the blog. First up is this super lovely identity for women’s apparel brand Legs for Days by Futura, an independent design studio based in Mexico.

The contrasts in this brand design are what really get me: the delicate pastel blush and blue paired with sumptuous gold type in a modernist serif font, with the addition of playful minimalist black and white patterns. It feels fun, fresh, modern, and just a little sexy.

See more from this project on Futura’s website.

Brand Crush - Legs for Days

Brand Crush - Legs for Days

Brand Crush - Legs for Days

Brand Crush - Legs for Days

Currently 08

August 28, 2015

Kalamalka Lake

I took a bit of a hiatus from blog writing this summer, both due to work being rather hectic and to do some personal development. I went home to the West Coast for a couple of weeks and it was such a great recharge. My grandmother turned 90 and it was so wonderful to be there to celebrate her incredible life with my whole family. “Inspiration” doesn’t even come close to describing what a profound effect she’s had on my life. At 90, she regularly plays tennis with women 20 years her junior, swims, snowshoes, cross-country skis, and basically just kicks butt every single day.

I also caught up with a whole bunch of friends I don’t get to see very often, cuddled many cats, swam in the Okanagan sunshine, and ate lots and lots of wild salmon while I had the chance (it’s prohibitively expensive here in Ontario).

So now I’m back home (one of many) in Toronto and back at work, which is mostly great. I’m glad I get to catch the last days of summer here before it gets cold again. I’m usually chomping at the bit for the days to get colder, but this year I’m almost sad to see the summer go. It’s been a good one.

Lady Love – Sophie Kaftal

July 9, 2015

Sophie Kaftal

Sophie Kaftal is one half of Kitten & the Bear, where she makes gorgeous, artisanal preserves with her husband, Bobby. Their preserves are made in a traditional French style using hand-hammered copper pans and the highest quality, often locally-sourced, ingredients. I can personally attest to how much the passion & painstaking effort Sophie puts into her work shines through in the delectable preserves she and Bobby create. If you’ve yet to visit their quaint storefront in Parkdale, put it at the top of your list. In the meantime, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Also be sure to keep an eye on Becca’s website, where she’ll be posting more shots from the seriously stunning photoshoot we had with Sophie!

What’s your favourite way to start the day?

It sounds corny, but every day I wake up feeling so lucky. There are so many different facets to Kitten and the Bear: thinking of new jam flavours, keeping the cafe fresh and interesting, custom projects, servicing our “jamily” of wholesale accounts, and fun collaborations with other artisans. Each and every day is so unique, posing new challenges and opportunities for creativity.

Cold, blustery, snowy mornings are my favourite. We live across the street from our shop, and there is nothing like throwing on a cozy sweater and stepping out onto Queen Street, totally empty, peaceful, and dusted with fresh snow. It makes me appreciate the beauty of Parkdale and the special history of this community.

Oh, and a massive, hot cup of tea of course! That first sip in the morning is pure heaven.